Hack Club presents...


A hacker oasis in nature for high school hackers

Northeast Kingdom, Vermont, USA · 28th to 31st July, 2023

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Welcome to our grand experiment

To all high school artists, writers, engineers, tinkerers, campers, filmmakers, volunteers:

This summer, we’re ditching boring classrooms for the great outdoors to create a hacker oasis where you can be creative, make things, help one another, and have fun.

Together, let’s build a space where you can indulge in an entirely new creative space. No preconceived notions. No expectations. Just a space for you to create whatever you want.

it takes a village...

We’ve found the place.

Now it’s time for you to create the space.

Outernet will be contrived of hacker-formed guilds, taking shape through the vision of the hackers involved.

We’ve set aside $5,000 for guilds to use as you see fit.

What guild will you run?

Propose an idea, form your guild and build something for the Outernet community to enjoy at github.com/hackclub/outernet.

Outernet is free and our gift to you;
let's make sure you can make it.

Outernet is taking place in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom (Cabot, 05647) at Covenant Hills Campground. Shuttles will be provided from:

  • Boston-Logan International Airport
  • Burlington International Airport
  • Manchester-Boston Regional Airport
  • Boston South Station

The venue is also accessible via car (directions).

To ensure everyone has a chance to make it, our donors have funded a set of travel stipends. We're also working with United Airlines and Alaska Airlines to offer discounted flights.

On your registation form, indicate that you'd like to recieve details about long-distance travel and we'll email the information about stipends and discounted flights to you and your parents. View our travel guide for additional guidance.

you decide your own adventure...

We’ll sleep in tents, code deep into the night, barbecue by the beach, toast marshmallows around a campfire — most importantly, however, you'll be given the time, space, and freedom to go on an adventure of your choosing.















You make this summer epic...

No matter where our events take us, the key to the magic has always been you.
Sign up below; let's make this the most meaningful weekend of the year.




You might be wondering...

What is this?

Outernet is four day hacker camp in Vermont for high schoolers with workshops, mini-hackathons, CTFs, and similar technical events. It's organized by Hack Club, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that supports a global community of 25k high school makers.

Who can attend?

Outernet is built by and for high schoolers. Graduating seniors and middle schoolers are also welcome to join us.

How much does this event cost?

Outernet is completely free, food and accomodation are included. Travel stipends are also available.

I can't pay for travel...

To ensure everyone has a chance to make it, our donors have funded a set of travel stipends. We're also working with United Airlines and Alaska Airlines to offer discounted flights. More details are available post-registration.

What amenities will be available?

Hot showers, unisex toilets, and sinks! Potable drinking water is accessible via well. Power is available in select areas on site. Limited WiFi will be available on site (don't worry, we'll make it work!).

Where is Outernet hosted?

Outernet is hosted at Covenant Hills Campground in the Northeast Kingdom region of Vermont, USA.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Most folks will be staying in 8-12 person camps that are gender-seperated, we'll provide bedding & tents. You're also welcome to bring your own tent setup.

What should I bring?

Sturdy shoes, casual clothes for four days, a rain jacket, a hoodie, swimming wear, a towel, simple toiletries, a flashlight, a laptop plus its charger, and an open mind.

My parents are worried!

We're here to help, ask them to reach out to us at outernet@hackclub.com and we'll make sure to answer all their questions. Outernet will be supervised by background checked staff and overseen by 24/7 security staff. Find more resources (including information sessions) in our parents guide.

What have you all done in years prior?

Glad you asked! We've ran overnight hackathons in San Francisco and New Delhi. Two years ago, we charted a train from Vermont to Los Angles and ran the world's longest hackathon over land. We're not kidding, check out the mini-documentary: The Hacker Zephyr.